Why do I need to protect my website?

The internet is free and anyone can access it, and as the world has no shortage of individuals with ill intent, so it goes that the internet is full of people who are looking to do harm.

For the same reason that your computer needs antivirus software, your website needs a protection as well. Today more than 5% of the world’s web traffic is comprised of automated hacking scripts searching for vulnerabilities.Even if your website is small or low in traffic, it is inevitable that it will be scanned by one of these scripts.

“Web based attacks increased by 36% with over 4,500 new attacks each day. 50% Small-Medium Business.” – Symantec (2011)


When a security breach is found on your website, the script will install a malware, or use your website to access and corrupt your server. This is why 9,500 websites are blacklisted daily by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other search engines. When you are blacklisted, your website will lose its reputation, its rank on search engines, and you can even lose your clients.

A lot of people think they are protected with their web hosting company, but this is not true. A web hosting company may be able to protect the server where your website is hosted, but it cannot protect your website from being defaced, nor can it protect your data from being stolen. Even if you are using popular frameworks like WordPress, or OSCommerce, hackers now know a great deal about them and are well versed in their vulnerabilities

“The average number of serious vulnerabilities found per website per year is 79” – www.whitehatsec.com (2012)

So, if you don’t want to lose everything, and if you don’t want to see your client’s credit card exposed on the web, you should protect your website.