What our clients are saying about EasyWAF

We are really proud of what your client think about EasyWAF and your feedback is very important to us. With your help we will continue to improve our products to offer the best for you.
  • Testimonials - Jean-Louis Forestier

    Jean-Louis Forestier

    Académie de la Réunion

    “Filtering tools we used before were very complex. Rewriting rules is something quite sharp and requires a certain level of competence. We had to change the rules in files locally while EasyWAF generates rules automatically and provides an user-friendly web interface that allows reclassify alerts easily”

  • Testimonials - Fabrice Chinjoie

    Fabrice Chinjoie

    Antenne Réunion

    “Content acceleration is the most important benefit for our website linfo.re. EasyWAF provides a significant acceleration of our pages which allows us to be very competitive compared to media sites that have a lot less content than us”

  • Testimonials - Lucas Larroche

    Lucas Larroche


    “We chose BinarySEC because it is a major international partner with strong expertise in security and audit. We have experienced no disruption to our services and we had a personalized advice and assistance for the deployment of each site, with the technical team”

  • Testimonials - Nicolas Blanc

    Nicolas Blanc

    S.F.R. Réunion

    “The product is really user-friendly, GUI is attractive, the team is very responsive and the implementation of the tool is amazingly simple”

  • Testimonials - Jean-Claude Autran

    Jean-Claude Autran


    “We chose BinarySEC for his great skill. Since the beginning this is all benefits. Reunitoo.re has been accelerated of more than 200%, this is huge. BinarySEC team is highly professional and available at all hours. I perfectly satisfied, and I wonder how we did before! ”

  • Testimonials - Serge Ethève

    Serge Ethève

    Transcontinents voyages

    “EasyWAF greatly improved navigation on our site as well as the speed of our pages, and we can really feel it. We found that our customers stay connected longer. Regarding the monthly activity reports, they allow us to have much information about the habits of our users.”

  • Testimonials - Olivier Sautron

    Olivier Sautron


    “With BinarySEC, installation is instant, without any intervention on our hardware. We keep the full power of our equipment for our application and in addition enjoy efficiency of EasyWAF cache.
    Blocks are justified and false positive can be quickly reclassified. Reports are clear and fully detailed. EasyWAF puts at our disposal a team dedicated to the security of our website, allowing us to remain focused on our core business, the gift package shipping. ”