EasyWAF Partners and Partnerships

We know that the success of BinarySEC depends on our distribution network. Therefore, we mobilize all of our know-how and resources for our distribution partners. We consider our partners an extension of our own team. We convey our expertise to our partners by sharing marketing support, our techniques and our logistical support.

EasyWAF Partnership

  • Our partners’ network

    The creation of a distribution network is an important part of BinarySEC’s development strategy. We are already offering EasyWAF services on Reunion Island, France and on the East Coast of the United States. We have a panel of international partners and we hope to continue this growth. We consider our partners an extension of our own team, and they play an essential role in the success of our company. That’s why we offer our partners many advantages over our products.

  • A diversified network

    The purpose of our network is to integrate various types of IT service companies. Thus our network is composed of web agencies, web hosting companies and UTM integrators. For each company, we offer various kinds of partnerships to fit the specific demands of each.

  • Why become an EasyWAF partner?

    Becoming an EasyWAF partner means that you offer your customers the guarantee of secure, fast and reliable websites. In addition, as a distribution partner, you will receive a monthly commission for each customer you register, as long as they utilize our services.
    Feel free to contact us with your questions, or to request more information: : contact@easywaf.com

  • EasyWAF Affiliate Partnership

    With EasyWAF Affiliate Partnership, you can easily boost your income by introducing EasyWAF to your customers. You will have no obligations, no fees and you will not be responsible for billing or support. For each customer you bring to EasyWAF, you will receive a commission.

  • EasyWAF Authorized Partnership

    EasyWAF Authorized Partnership allows you to sell EasyWAF solutions through a classic direct distribution partnership, regardless of the technical aspects. You can then propose EasyWAF line product solutions to your customers and receive a monthly commission proportional to the subscription chosen by your customers.

  • EasyWAF Premium Partnership

    The innovative concept of EasyWAF Premium partnership allows you to propose your own security solution based on EasyWAF, using the white label principle. It is specifically aimed at web agencies, from small to medium size, or at companies offering a complete package for website creation, or web applications.