EasyWAF Statistics

EasyWAF provides insights to your website traffic and activity that are more precise than other analytical tools. You can view, in real time, visitors information, threats and blocked requests. As your website goes through our system we catch every information about your visitors to help you improve your knowledge of your customers.

EasyWAF Statistics

Access to these statistics provides for a better understanding of visitors’ interests, as well as detailed data that is highly beneficial in evaluating the attractiveness of your site.

  • Reliable statistics

    EasyWAF statistics are based on analysis of log files recorded on each of our servers.
    We use AWStats analyzer for the file treatment. This technology is more reliable than common statistic tools because it is based on the files stored by your site, rather than on additional layers that are intended to capture information.

  • No changes to your website

    Unlike most statistic tools, there is no JavaScript code to add to your web pages.
    No changes are required to obtain your website’s statistics.

  • Monthly activity report

    Every month we will send you a customized monthly activity report summarizing the activities on your website. This report shows traffic statistics and information about the security of your website. There are two types of reports depending on the offer:

    • a basic monthly activity report, summarizing your website statistics
    • an advanced monthly activity report, detailing your website statistics