EasyWAF Web security

EasyWAF provides for every website, a state-of-the-art security solution based on patent-protected technology. The core technology of EasyWAF uses a unique artificial Intelligence system which is incredibly adaptive and more efficient than rule-based security solutions. This solution provides a fully personalized protection for each part of your website. All well knowns attacks like Cross Site scripting, or SQL injection are blocked, in addition to unidentified and zero-days attacks.

EasyWAF Security

As each website is different, we think protection must be tailored to each. Therefore EasyWAF uses a white listing system to protect your website. Protection with this system is made up of two periods: the learning period and the blocking period.
  • EasyWAF learns your website

    During the learning period, EasyWAF records all requests received by your website. Our technical team takes care of sorting these requests into valid or invalid requests. The duration of the learning period depends on the size of the website and the traffic on it. When this period is over, your website will be transitioned into blocking mode.

  • Custom protection

    During the blocking period, EasyWAF will filter all incoming requests to your website. Our artificial intelligence engine will compare every request to classified ones and determine if the request must be accepted or blocked.

    With this system, all requests that do not match your valid traffic will be blocked. This includes: web attacks, hackers, spam, crawlers, chosen robots, and everything you deem invasive.

  • Choose your own traffic

    You will have online access to the EasyWAF administration platform where you can keep an eye on every incoming request. At any time, you can decide to accept or reject special requests that have been recorded.

  • Know your visitors and attackers

    You can view online details on all recorded requests and attacks, as well as advanced information about attackers and visitors to your website, such as: location, IP addresses, etc.

  • SSL Certificate

    EasyWAF also allows you to easily utilize SSL certificates in order to add an extra level of security.

  • Protection against most common web attacks

    EasyWAF protects your website from most known attacks:

    • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
    • SQL Injections
    • OS command injections
    • Session hijacking
    • Denial of service
    • Directory traversal
    • Malicious probes/crawlers on demand
    • Information leakage
    • And many others…
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