An Overview Of EasyWAF

EasyWAF offers state-of-the-art protection and powerful performance optimization for a wide variety of websites. Once EasyWAF is setup on your website, your web traffic is routed through the EasyWAF global content delivery network. All requests are recorded, analyzed and filtered to block every web attack, such as: SQL Injections, malware or hacker intrusion. We simultaneously optimize your web page so that your visitors enjoy a faster website with a corresponding reduction in bandwidth consumption. EasyWAF also provides online statistics and monthly reports summarizing your website’s activity and blocked attacks.


EasyWAF can be used for any website with a domain name, regardless of the size, the traffic or the CMS used. It takes only a few minutes to setup your website with EasyWAF, and only requires a simple DNS switch. There is no hardware or software to install, and you do not need to modify your code, or change your web hosting provider. EasyWAF can be turned off as quickly and as simply as it was turned on.

EasyWAF is in charge of protecting and improving the performance of your website so that you can stay focused on your business.

Easywaf features

  • protecting_website

    Website protection

    Your website is protected against all known attacks and even against not-yet-known attacks.

  • acceleration


    Boost your website performance with EasyWAF Web Caching and reduce your page upload time by up to 200%.

  • statistics

    Statistics and monthly activity report

    You have a view of your website traffic on the online interface, and you will receive a monthly explanatory report summarizing the activity on your website.

  • content_deliver

    Content delivery network

    You enjoy our worldwide server network that brings your website close to each of your visitors no matter where they are.

  • monitoring

    Monitoring your website and traffic

    You are quickly notified by email or phone when cuts or slowdowns occur on your website.

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