Boost your website with EasyWAF

It is our belief that we cannot provide an effective security solution without first considering the performance of your website. Improving the visitor’s experience is the most important challenge for a website, and we will help you in reaching this goal. EasyWAF includes a combination of tools that will optimize your website for your visitors wherever they are, regardless of the device they use. EasyWAF reduces your page’s loading time by bringing your content closer to visitors using EasyWAF global CDN in conjunction with our web caching technology.

EasyWAF can offer a reduction of your page’s loading time by as much as 10% to 200%.

EasyWAF Acceleration

  • Save some bandwidth

    EasyWAF Web Caching technology stores a large amount of information for each query such as: CSS files, images, scripts, etc. For each new request, EasyWAF provides the most information stored in its memory to minimize the bandwidth required by your website. As a result, you will save a very large portion of the bandwidth (often charged) that your website would otherwise use.

  • Load balancing and management of source servers

    EasyWAF includes a tool for load balancing to avoid overload delays when there are a large number of visitors to your website. This system allows the balancing of the load between your source servers in order to optimize the display of pages. This system is coupled with a fail-over: it allows, when one of your source servers is unavailable, for the splitting of all visitors from that source server to the other free source servers. The switch keeps information for each visitor and maintains user sessions.

  • Monitoring

    EasyWAF includes an active monitoring tool to continuously monitor the status of your website. When your server is unavailable, EasyWAF continues to provide your website with data for a certain time by using the information stored. This allows your website to stay partially available even when your source server is not.

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