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The company BinarySEC, which was set up in 2007, is today in a position to provide firms and local authorities with exceptional computing tools to fight the threats faced by websites and applications.
The founders of the company developed their product concept in 2001. Initially, the computer security expert Michaël Vergoz developed a computing tool to prevent “low level” attacks, in order to avoid buffer overflows.

IMG_1494This technology was put through its paces in 2003, when it was implemented on an Apache web server which received 20 million intrusion attempts, all unsuccessful. The protection method is patent pending.
This demonstration showed the need for a complementary solution, capable of blocking the exploitation of “high level” or application vulnerabilities (on the HTTP layer) without corrupting memory.
The following year, in partnership with the University Research Group IREMIA, BinarySEC developed an Artificial Intelligence engine capable of learning to recognise the normal internet traffic and blocking application attacks such as or Cross-Site Scriptings (XSS).

Today, BinarySEC’s goal is to provide firms and local authorities with accessible and efficient protection against the latest web-based threats.

Awards and recognitions

  • BinarySEC Award | French Tech Tour 2009

    French Tech Tour (2009)

    BinarySEC was selected with congratulations of the jury to the French Tech Tour 2009 organized by the Mission Économique-UBIFRANCE of San Francisco.

  • BinarySEC Award | Tremplin Entreprise

    Tremplin Entreprises, category “Software” (2008)

    Tremplin Entreprises awarded BinarySEC its prize for the relevance of its economic model and its innovation.

  • BinarySEC Award | Best Innov

    Best Innov, Capital IT (2008)

    The competition Capital IT rewards the twenty best innovatory start-ups of the year in the field of information and communication technologies.

  • BinarySEC Award | Innovact

    Innovact (2008)

    Innovact, the European Young Innovatory Firms forum honours particularly innovative firms.

  • BinarySEC Award | Ministry of Research

    Ministry for Research (2007)

    BinarySEC won the national competition for aiding the creation of firms in innovatory technology, in the category “Creation and Development”.

  • BinarySEC Award | CREACC

    CREACC (2006)

    Cré’ACC is a competition organised by chartered accountants and the APCE (Agency for the Creation of Firms) to identify innovatory projects with great potential.